Phase 1 - Governance Token

Polygon Network

Live Contracts
Implementation Contracts
These are the implementation code that will receive delegate calls from the proxy contracts. Do not interact with them directly.


The initial deployment of the Bluejay Protocol will focus on the governance token. The intention of the phase 1 deployment is to distribute the governance token as well as raising sufficient funds for the smart contract audit of the Multi-stablecoin Collateralized Debt Position (CDP) as well as ongoing development of the web applications and mobile wallet.

Upgradable Contracts

To allow the system to be upgraded without the need for expensive migration from the users, the Governance Token and Auction contract will be deployed behind an upgradable proxy. Specifically, it is using OpenZeppelin's ERC1967Proxy.
The liquidity mining contract will not be implemented behind an upgradeable proxy as it has inbuilt migration capability and an upgrade is not forseeable.

Timelock Controller Contract

All the deployed contracts will be behind the Timelock Controller contract by OpenZeppelin before a formal governance layer is deployed to control the system contracts directly. The Timelock Controller contract delays all action to the system by 48 hours to allow any executive actions by the team to be visible on-chain prior to execution.
This allows sufficient time for all users on the system to react to any undesirable changes to the system as well as to protect the community even from stolen developer key attacks.
Emergency shutdown transactions will be scheduled to the timelock controller upon deployment of the system to allow immediate shutdown protocols without waiting for the 48 hours delay if it needs to be executed.

Deployment Validation

To ensure that the deployment is correct and anyone can verify the deployment, a deployment script is made available.
The results of the validation:
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