Long Term

The long-term vision of Bluejay Finance is to create an entire ecosystem of trackers pegged to sovereign currencies around the world, creating a synthetic foreign exchange market in the decentralized finance space.
The strategy is to run successful pilots in targetted countries before scaling out to a wide variety of currencies. In the first year, we will be focusing on getting the fundamentals right in creating a currency tracker starting with Myanmar and then Nigeria.
Once the model is successful in the selected countries, we will expand to serve the needs of all the other unserved markets.

Short Term

The short-term vision is to successfully create and test our stablecoins in one or two countries. We will be making BLU available through the auction process that will run for 2 years. The funds raised from the process will be used towards product development and smart contract audits.
Some key dates to take note of:
    Website official launch - Launched!
    BLU auction launch - Block 18950000, 10th Sep (Countdown)
    BLU liquidity mining launch - Block 19202000, 17 Sep (Countdown)
    MMKT launch - Tentatively 15th Oct
    iOS & Android Wallet launch - Tentatively 10th Jan
The exact dates for the different activities will be updated on the community Discord channel.
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