Types of Loan Pools

There are two types of loan pools that will be available on the protocol.

Permissionless Pools

These are loan pools which were created permissionless-ly. Similarly to how Uniswap enables anyone to create a market between two different assets, Earn protocol enables anyone to create a borrower pool.

Investors are strongly encouraged to perform extensive due diligence before making a decision.

Permissionless pools are not yet available in the beta launch.

Facilitated Pools

Bluejay's Business Development team is also actively sourcing for high-quality borrowers across Asia. The team will be taking the role of a facilitator in helping the borrower to create a loan pool or in helping them with operational requirements during the loan tenure. Please note that Bluejay is only taking on the role of a facilitator and are not liable for any damage, loss of profit, or accuracy of information provided.

For borrowers who prefer to be onboarded, you may sign up using this form.

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