Protocol Actors

Different actors interact with one another via the Bluejay Earn protocol. Descriptions and roles of each of these actors are as followed:


Borrowers are users who are borrowing capital from the lenders in the ecosystem.

The borrowers will determine the key terms to the loan as well as to provide any form of securities (ie guarantees, collaterals, etc) against the loan which could be managed off-chain at the discretion of the borrower.

In addition, the borrowers are responsible in providing accurate information about themselves and the loan.

Borrowers will be create the loan pool with these information and once the pool has been created, the loan terms can no longer be changed.


Lenders are users who are lending assets for a fixed duration to the lenders at a predetermined loan term.

Lenders are able to browse loan pools from different borrowers with different loan terms and interest rates.

Lenders may select any deals that has attractive yields and level of risk which are still open for funding to lend assets to.

When borrowers make repayments against the loan pools, lenders will be able to make withdrawals.

Lenders are responsible for selecting products that they are familiar with and in the event of disputes, to take action against the borrower directly.

Bluejay Governance

Bluejay protocol provides the platform for the loan pool and its treasury is the recipient of fees collected on the different loan pool.

In addition, the governance has the ability to set custom fee tiers to different types of assets as well as creating loan pools with custom fees.

The protocol is governed by the BLU tokens.

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